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Foundation of the company Wilhelm in Stuttgart as one of the first Flock suppliers in Europe.



Wilhelm gets the exclusive dealership for Germany of the former Viscosuisse (today SwissFlock AG). The Flock boom starts with the flocking of textiles, drapery and petticoats.



A lot of further applications for Flock show up:

Garments, plastic film for packaging, cutlery trays.

With the development of Polyamide Flock more uses of Flock arise in the automotive industry: Flock on rubber sealing profiles and handglove boxes.



New emerging companies flocking T-shirts and sports wear, but also toys and model railways can be acquired as customers.



Andreas Fröhler starts as apprentice at Wilhelm GmbH & Co. KG. In the following years the customer portfolio can be extended steadily,

especially the number of international customers is growing rapidly.



The company is sold to the long term partner SwissFlock AG. Foundation of the SwissFlock branch Germany.



For strategic reasons SwissFlock is focusing on their core business and closes the branch in Germany. Andreas Fröhler founds the company

Flock Depot GmbH in the existing premises.





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